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Northern lights

Hunting Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights adventure is out there, come and join!

Hunting for a solar storm

Lady Aurora dances her proton and electron dance over the northern hemisphere. You are in a nocturnal adventure out of the ordinary when Aurora Borealis changes the sky into a dynamic colour spectrum.

The Northern Lights have been moving across the arctic sky for endless times, been sung about in folklore and been told myths about. 

Would you like to join for an adventure with lady Aurora?

Galleri northern lights

Top 5 places to capture northern lights around Bodø. 


Ausvika Strand


Ausvika is a beautiful, adapted outdoor area, where you will find several campfire sites and a toilet by the parking lot.


In strong easterly winds, you must be extra well dressed.


From Bodø center

9km /13.min by car



Vatnvatnet is a lake on the Bodø Peninsula, which is easy to reach by car.


Vatnvatnet is well sheltered from strong gusts and has little light pollution.

From Bodø center

ca. 20 km / 30 min by car

Nr.3 Langsanda 

Langsanda is the nicest beach near Bodø and is idyllically located on Sandhornøya in Gildeskål.


Bring your thermos and packed lunch.


From Bodø center

ca. 81 km /1.5 h by car


Mjelle Beach

Mjelle Beach is one of many beaches close to Bodø and a great place for a short excursion from this beautiful Northern town.


From Bodø center

ca. 22 km / 25 min by car




Kjerringøy can be reached by ferry from Festvåg.

Recommendation: Remember the ferry table or stay overnight on the island.

From Bodø center

ca. 62 km /1.5 h by car

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